Assortments Almond Crunch


Pack of 3 (12 Pcs X 3) = 36 Pcs.

This is a Vegetarian Product.


12 Pcs of Assortments Almond Crunch Brittle Chocolate,
which consists of 4 pieces each of Salted, Strawberry & Mango Caramel Chocolate.
A Nutty Indulgence of Almonds-Dark Chocolate.
Having Ingredients of Caramel Chocolate make your day a Happier One.
A Combo of 3 Pack Priced at Rs 960/-
Total Weight comprises 540 GM.

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Our Outlets are at Ahmedabad City, Gujarat, India.

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Weight 540 g


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This is a Vegetarian Product.


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This is Vegitarian Product

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